About the Myth of The Golden Uterus

Definition of a “Golden Uterus”:

A woman who operates under the false belief that by virtue of giving birth to you, your children, or your husband’s children, she has veto power over any and all decisions based on nothing more than what she dictates as being “for the sake of the children”.

Definition of “For the Sake of the Children”:

A phrase used by a woman who has given birth, to get what she wants, regardless of, and sometimes intentionally to, hurt, annoy, guilt and/or pain another person in some way.

Examples of “Golden Uterus Syndrome”:

Middle of the night phonecalls to the exhusband to discuss the children’s soccer practice next month.

Repeating the phrase “My boyfriend knows you and I will always be married in the eyes of God”.

Waking the children up to talk because “it’s lonely at night.”

 Telling an eight year old boy “I guess you are the man of the house now”. 

Driving a range rover through your gated community, triple soy, grande, skinny mochachino in hand, while letting the children overhear the conversation on your new *Iphone with your BFF  about how “he left you destitute.”

Being over the age of 25 and refering to anyone as “your BFF.”

*Iphones suck. Just sayin’


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