Reverse discrimination

There is not a more sure sign of a woman with Golden Uterus Syndrome than a mother who is willing to exploit her own child in order to serve her own needs. 

Before I go into specifics, I would like to add a disclaimer.  I am a feminist with a college degree in both Psychology and Women’s Studies.  A more “pro woman” you will never meet.  It was with great disappointment and upset that I realized that the family court system was more interested in protecting a mother’s rights than a child’s best interests.  It is a good cause gone awry.

My husband is a fine, law abiding, child support paying, parenting time eager, man.   If you listened only to his ex wife, you would think that he is a lousy, drunken, irresponsible, unreliable man.  Who is one to believe?

Our culture has become so “mother friendly” so as to exclude the very important role of the father.  Statistics bear out that a child without an involved father are more at risk for all the things we wish against for our children….truancy, drug use, teen pregnancy, etc.

Yet we find it so easy to believe a mother when she rallies against a father post-divorce.   

I have sadly found women who are more than willing to eliminate the father from their child’s life should he dare to do things such as disagree with her, remarry, or stick to a court ordered parenting time plan.

I recently had lunch with a divorced mother of a 12 year old son who told me that her son sees his Dad once a week and that is “plenty” as she has to “maintain control.”

She went on to describe an entirely inappropriate realtionship with her son where they are mutually naked in the bathroom in spite of his delicate age. 

Truth be told….some mothers are not healthy for thier very own children.  They lack the ability to uphold and teach healthy relationships and boundaries.  They would sooner feed their children to the dogs than admit that the father has an important role.

And the family court system, more often than not, supports this kind of delusional thinking.   


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