Warning Signs for Women

If you are dating a man with children from a previous marriage or relationship, you should know the warning signs of a mother with Golden Uterus Syndrome.  If you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomache every time you see her or she calls your mate, then you are probably wondering what you’ve gotten yourself into.  The following checklist will help you realize if you are the sane one and it is everyone else who is crazy. 

 1) She either refuses to meet you or demands to meet you on her terms and on her timing.

2) She calls your significant other numerous times a day or week and expects that he will make her call his top priority as he did when they were married. 3) She uses drop off and pick up of the child to create an audience with your significant other and is upset if you are present.

4) She expects that they will attend certain functions or celebrate certain occassions “as a family” to your exclusion.

5) She believes that if she needs money above and beyond what is court ordered, it is your significant other’s obligation to provide it.

6) She demands information about you and your  relationship  (status, his intentions) veiled as concern for the children.

7) She attempts to reconcile with your significant other after it is clear to everyone that you and he have a serious relationship.

8) She is volitile and emotionally blackmailing one minute, sweet and nicey nice the next minute, with no acknowledgement of the dark side.

9) She is incapable of apologizing to anyone, ever. It is always someone else’s fault and she is the victim/martyr.

10) She calls you names or attributes negative characteristics to you in conversation with your significant other. Often accompanied by pretending to be nice to you in person.

If you experience at least six of the above-listed warning signs, my advice is to find a man with an ex who isn’t crazy.  Your life will be easier and more enjoyable as a result.


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