Quote for the Day.

History is a better guide than good intentions.- Jeannne J. Kirpatrick, *U.N. Ambassador

*Real U.N. Ambassador. Not the “Angelina Jolie” school of UN Ambassador.


It’s a shame she’s crazy.

Tired of those long diatribe emails? Sick of the 27 phone calls a day about nothing? Feel like you are being perpetually punnished via text message?

So are we!! We united under the banner of “The Golden Uterus is a MYTH”. It doesn’t actually exist. Just because she gave birth, does not mean that she is the driving force, the deciding factor, for everything. The four of us are going to share with you, dear reader, our own Golden Uterus stories. We are here to laugh together, disect together, mock together, and share with the world the craziness that is the birth mother.

 This blog is not about divorced fathers, it’s not about evil stepmothers, interfering inlaws or nosy neighbors. It’s about “her”.

 It is, however, for us and for you. It’s a place to purge your frustration. A place to take your ex-wife, your husband’s ex, your mother-in-law, hell your own mother, and hold her up to the candle to see if in fact your suspicions are correct; she IS crazy!